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    Quarantine Update ๐Ÿ“† | Home Vibes*


    The last few months have been crazy! I’m sure everyone can agree.
    Being locked up inside, though very normal for me, has been tough.
    No amount of new recipes, diys, youtube videos or snacks can replace the outside.
    Trails and parks closing were the ultimate scare for me and then… it happened.
    I’m torn because I do believe we all should be at home until this is all over.
    I have no desire to redo this EVER so I hope we get it right THIS time.
    I just wish I had a backyard with a pool. lol

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    Full Waterproof Brows In 3 Easy Steps

    Eyebrows can say a lot…

    If you think I’m looking you in your eyes I’m probably looking at your brows.
    As a self proclaimed eyebrow queen I swear it is the first thing I notice.
    My go-to brows are fuller but still natural, waterproof, super quick & easy and only uses 2 products!
    Unfortunately, I wasn’t born with Cara Delevingne’s brows, but they are definitely Maybelline.

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    ๐Ÿ•ท Happy Halloween ๐ŸงŸโ€โ™€๏ธ

    “Tricks Need Treats Too”

    – Literally No One

    This Halloween is different.
    It just doesn’t feel like Halloween. It doesn’t feel like fall either.
    I’m so glad I dont have kids because I would not be trick or treating under these circumstances. Nor should any else.
    Hopefully everyone has somewhere warm to celebrate.
    As for me, I’m chillin. I’ll probably grab another chai latte (I’m officially over PSLs) .
    Netflix and Chillax
    I don’t even think I’ll watch any scary movies.
    It’s just too cold and Where TF is FALL?

    “I’m Upset!”

    – DRAKE
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    10 Life Saving Keurig Hacks

    “My birthstone is a coffee bean.”

    – Unknown

    Water is life but Espresso is fuel!
    Lately my Fiancรฉ loves pointing out my caffeine addiction.
    There’s absolutely nothing I can say to rebut it.
    Withdrawal from caffeine is possibly worst than a hangover.
    And I can readily admit I HAVE A PROBLEM.
    Recently, I’ve started ordering & making my lattes half decaf ๐Ÿ™„ in an effort to cut back.
    And I’ve also been switching out the coffee for tea a lot more.
    I really wish there were more matcha options to do with the Keurig, sighs.
    * ๐Ÿ’ก New blog post coming soon. I’m on it.*

    But this not about my love, or need for caffeine. ๐Ÿ˜Œ
    I wanted to share a couple of tips & tricks I’ve learned over my 6+ years of being a Keurig owner.

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    Burgundy For Fall 2019!

    You had me at Merlot

    – Probably Frasier Crane

    We all know Orange is the official fall color but without a doubt Burgundy is more flattering.
    Shape, shade, age, style it doesn’t matter everyone looks good in burgundy.
    Not to mention there are a million ways to incorporate burgundy into your look.
    Nails, hair, and makeup are all easy ways to play up your fall looks.

    Call it Cranberry, Merlot, Bordeaux or Burgundy the color is so rich!

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    2019 Fall Favs Lookbook

    “We may be losing Summer, but at least we have Fall fashion!”

    Fall is for Fashion!
    I’m so excited to see all the trends lived out, so far I’m a little iffy tho.
    The weather definitely gave us all a late start but come on ladies! We got this!
    Trenches, plaid, tweed, wool and thigh highs.
    I’m also expecting stockings to make a MAJOR statement this season.
    *Fendi prints!*
    Burgundy and nude monochromatic outfits here we come.

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    My First Blog Post!

    Whew, this is a long time coming…

    Although chances are you have no idea who I am, I have been waiting for the day I actually fulfill this bucket list item: Make A Blog!
    I have started about 30 different blogs all under different names,
    completely designing, redesigning each website, buying domains, hosting, etc.
    I’ve looked into Trademarks, analytics, all that.
    I’ve done the work.
    And I just never felt ready to hit the publish button; until NOW!

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