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My First Blog Post!

Whew, this is a long time coming…

Although chances are you have no idea who I am, I have been waiting for the day I actually fulfill this bucket list item: Make A Blog!
I have started about 30 different blogs all under different names,
completely designing, redesigning each website, buying domains, hosting, etc.
I’ve looked into Trademarks, analytics, all that.
I’ve done the work.
And I just never felt ready to hit the publish button; until NOW!

“To everything I’ve ever lost:
Thank you for setting me free.”

– Faraway

For me this is my fresh start.
I’ve been online since I was about 14, before Myspace. Crazy, right?
Music was my passion, career and sole identity.
Everything I did was connected to a lifestyle I didn’t even want.
My core audience/fanbase was 20+ year old men. It’s so *cringy* to me now.
I knew a bit of what I was getting myself into and the further I got the more the regret set in.
Trapped was the feeling!

Knowing the power of influence and understanding the internet I was able to monetize my platform, mind you this is BEFORE Instagram was even created.
I was definitely on to something but my audience and the *sponsorships* that were coming in were nothing like what a 16 year old should be involved with.
For the following I had built, the time, money and energy I’d put into everything.
And not to mention all the relationships formed I had a hard time letting go.
All I could think was…

“This is my identity.”

– An uninformed young girl

Currently, in my 20-somethings ☕️,
I’m committed to cultivating the type of community around me that inspires and truly relates.
And the only way I feel I can do that organically is to start completely over.
I owe it to myself to restart and be me, authentically.
A foodie 🌮, fashionista, creator.
Traveler, spiritual gangsta, yogi.
Part time politician *in my mind*
And all around just chill, positive being.

So with all that being said here is the start that I hope know will be worth it.
Even though I’ve been terrified about doing this, one post in and i’m excited.
I hope this inspires at least one person to take the plunge into that new life you’ve been wanting.

Starting over feels so great!

Feel free to connect with me, comment and subscribe to keep in touch.
I have so many things in store for this new journey!

If you weren’t afraid, what would you do?

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    Congratulations mate.

    October 14, 2019 at 12:12 am
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