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Quarantine Update πŸ“† | Home Vibes*


The last few months have been crazy! I’m sure everyone can agree.
Being locked up inside, though very normal for me, has been tough.
No amount of new recipes, diys, youtube videos or snacks can replace the outside.
Trails and parks closing were the ultimate scare for me and then… it happened.
I’m torn because I do believe we all should be at home until this is all over.
I have no desire to redo this EVER so I hope we get it right THIS time.
I just wish I had a backyard with a pool. lol

This time has also been extremely stressful for family life.
My fiance is claustrophobic and my mother is working in the ICU.
Don’t know which one will reach their boiling point first but my bet is on bae. SMH.
My mother is tough AF. ❀️πŸ’ͺπŸ½πŸ‘©πŸ½β€βš•οΈπŸ©Ί

The silver lining out of all of this has been time.
With everything slowed down I can finally breathe *kinda, mask on* and relax.
This blog has had to take a back seat to so many other projects I’ve been working on
but I’m back and committed. 🀞🏾

During this time I’ve been able to get my health and life in check. βœ…
Water, clean eating, vitamins, exercise and MEDITATION have become routine.
My camera has developed dust but my editing skills are up.
My computer has supported my entire existence and for that and many other things I’m forever grateful.
I learned how to make Cheesecake Factory’s Shrimp Scampi which is great but not nearly worth the amount of work that it takes.

There’s so many more things on my list of things to do.
And I’m hopeful that this month will allow more study time and work.
In the meantime, I’m enjoying what I can and working on me.
I’ve been so blessed to know everyone around me is safe and healthy and I hope you all are too.
We’re all in this together and while I hope to share more on my thoughts about all of this and be able to give more informative content, I wanted to keep this light.

Stay safe, stay home and stay healthy.


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